Ninja Play is a uniquely designed  and purpose built multifunctional, natural, movement training facility.

We offer a large variety of small group functional fitness classes  to work on all modalities and for all levels as well as personal training, nutritional programs, total health and wellness packages, educational workshops, motivational talks, sports rehab & training, and recipes.

All this is lead by our amazing team of highly qualified coaches and real life ninja warriors. We also offer obstacle training similar to those in Ninja warrior, spartan and tough mudder.

Ninja Play is a total wholistic approach to health and wellness. We are a community focused business with a give back to mental health. You will leave us feeling empowered to overcome obstacles and challenges which will help you grow and believe in yourself.


Lisa Parkes

Lisa Parkes, our very own local Australian Ninja warrior. Lisa’s love of obstacle course racing has culminated with Lisa being a contestant on the hit tv show Ninja Warrior, tackling the world’s toughest obstacle course. She is a founder of Ninja Play together with Lex Richards.
Lisa Parkes can be described in two words: Pocket Rocket. In fact that’s her ninja name!
A dynamic, energetic powerhouse of a woman, Lisa proves that you can change your life and loves all things fun, fitness, healthy and active. She totally lives and breathes her motto… “health is your number one asset.” With over 25 years in the industry, numerous qualifications and a wide array of experience, Lisa really is here to guide and help you on your road to self empowerment. She believes as adults we often take life very seriously and forget how to simply play and have fun. In today’s society, we have stopped moving like we were meant to and hence restricted what we can and can’t do, which often causes aches, pains and injuries. At Ninja Play, we aim to let your body move in the way it was designed to, let you play and simply have fun in a safe guided environment. We all face obstacles in life and overcoming challenges is very powerful for our mental state. We at Ninja Play want to challenge you and change you, teach you strength and stamina of both mind and body, and to mentally empower you to grow belief in yourself
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Lex Richards

As a child, Lex had the unique experience to have the Outward Bound Base Camp as his own backyard. Ropes courses, rock climbing, horses and other outdoor activities were his everyday life.
Lex trained in martial arts (Japanese style Judo, Jujitsu and Karate- becoming black belt), wrestling, football and adventure sports- being the inspiration that led him to begin working in outdoor education and personal training in his early twenties.
Lex furthered his studies exploring the connections with the body, mind and the elements effecting them. He learnt in areas such as C.H.E.K (core, back, programing, level 1), obstacle course racing, Gary Grey’s Functional Movement and Assessment, Ancestral Movement and other healing and movement modalities.
His passion is supporting people to overcome their blocks and limiting beliefs in both their internal and external expressions so they may connect with their natural, healthy state of self and explore the higher potential and ability of the human body and mind in a fun and creative way.
Lex created Ninja Play Academy Byron Bay as a hub to bring people together to move, play and learn in an inspiring, dynamic and challenging space. Bringing together many teachers, modalities, skills and communities for a greater sharing and growth in an new exciting way.  He also facilitates retreats and workshops connecting people to nature and how to be fully in bodied and move through different environments and situations.
“If we understand and support our own nature then we can greater understand and support the great nature of all life.”

Jesse Hogan

Jesse’s upbringing set him on a course similar to that of the samurai warrior.
A lifetime of martial arts, accompanied with a direct and immersed relationship with nature, Jesse found a connection in the yin and yang paradigm the world is controlled by!
Without push there is no pull, without light there is no dark!! This symbiotic relationship dominates the way in which our body, mind and behaviour takes its place in society and the ability to find a conscious balance between the two!
Jesse excels in animalistic, body weight and self defence style methodologies!
Be sure to ask him for a Bruce Lee quote or 3.

Maxamillian Brown

Maxamillian is coming from a long passionate life of professional competition and athletic training. With a love and passion for Snow skiing starting when he was 2, entering the pro circuit at 15, and joining the Australian Institute of Fitness, eventually going on to represent Australia in three snow sport disciplines. Max has many years of coaching experience heading up the Australian Championship school in snow sport for eight consecutive years. assisting in dry land and on mountain coaching as well as nutrition and dietary programming. Max has been mentored by some of the worlds best coaches and competitors in his field and knows what it takes to get the body into supreme working order in movement. Max is well trained and versed in Multiple Martial Arts and movement modalities including, Boxing (Box Fit Certified) Mui thai, Tae kwon do, Karate, Rock and Water (defensive movement) Gymnastics, Trampolining, Parkour Movement, and Massage therapy. Max is a (BASI) certified Level three Ski, and a level two Snowboard Instructor, a Backcountry and off pest terrain guide. Max is a Certified outdoor Cert four Personal trainer, Indoor Cert three Gym instructor, As well as a Body art (yoga inspired, strength and awareness, therapy) Coach type of Ninja. Max would love to be your assistant and coach in body movement, to get you moving at your fullest potential, and over come any obstacle together.

Eliana Usma

Eliana Usma has a passion for health and fitness that has skilled her to become a Holistic Fitness Coach. She has developed a methodology to help her clients achieve personal transformations from the inside out using her extensive knowledge in Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness and Coaching.

With over 21 years of experience in human movement and training, her knowledge in sport and nutritional medicine, emotional fitness and program design, she has helped many people change their lives successfully by accepting their uniqueness and training to pursue a healthy life free of pain, disease and fears.

Eliana uses many wellness and fitness tools to support her clients including:

  • Body Composition Analisys Ultrasound

  • PH360 DNA/genetic Test

  • Ajna light Meditation Therapy

Sylvia Beck

Coming soon.


Ashra Beck

Hi my name is Ashra Beck and I’m a youth ambassador for Ninja Play Academy Byron Bay. This is a fantastic opportunity to represent Ninja Play to the youth of our community by offering inspiration and support to become involved and engage with this awesome play based sport and see how much fun we can have while getting fit and staying active.
I was offered this amazing position by working hard with Lex and the team at Ninja Play, persisting through difficult tasks and always coming back to focus on the present moment.

I’ve always loved jumping around and climbing trees, challenging both my physical and mental self. At around age nine, I started practicing Parkour and here began my journey into learning how to direct my attention and discipline into my movements to be safe while always striving to attempt new and seemingly impossible feats.

At Ninja Play, we work together and this is something I really love. By constantly offering support and encouragement, we enrich as a team. As David Bell said “repetition creates confidence” and I stand by this even on my 100th time of missing my jump or not reaching the next level, for we’re here to learn, to play, to grow.

Max Leonard

Max’s passion for Ninja Play came from physically challenging himself to beat personal records and climbing anything taller than himself. Max believes that we all have the potential to become Ninja Warriors and achieve our goals. He has embraced Ninja Play as a path to build his self-determination and to push himself to the Max. He loves working with the Ninja Team and is always open to helping others.


Byron Bay’s most fun, exciting, functional movement space. Lisa Parkes, our very own local Australian Ninja warrior together with Lex Richards, nature ninja and movement coach extraordinaire, are the founders of Ninja Play Academy. A uniquely designed and built multifunctional natural movement facility.

Everyone has an inner ninja! It’s not about your physical strength or size but more about how you trust and self believe in your self and be in your body and it’s capabilities together the power of the mind.

We all face obstacles in life and overcoming challenges is very powerful as how we do anything in life is how we do everything in life. We at Ninja Play want to challenge you to express the best version of yourself.

In a playful environment we guide you through strength and stamina of both mind and body and resulting in mental and physical empowerment.

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